About us

We are an agency dedicated to consultancy in education abroad. We specialize in advising on the choice of boarding schools and summer camps that are being organized on the campuses of prestigious schools. With years of experience and close relationships, schools can be appropriately selected base to the expectations of the student and their parents (although these are often divergent). Depending on your plans for the future we suggest that it is preferable to implement the program of the International Baccalaureate, or the one leading to a diploma typical for a particular country (eg. A-level in England, Abitur in Germany, etc.). We provide professional assistance in the application process and care for the student while at the school.

We regularly visit the facilities of our partner schools, so we always have the latest information about them. We participate in major trade fairs and industry conferences around the world. We work with the best schools in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada and New Zealand.